The Organization and implementation of control systems allow to optimise the quality of our products and to meet the expectations of our customers.Traceability: each lot of antler is identified by a code from its origin, from the forest from which the log is derived.This identification allows us to carry out increased traceability and recognition of all edges.

PEFC inscribe the company in a sustainable development process, an indispensable step for the company illustrates the willingness of Tonnellerie LKFRANCE to work in accordance with its principles and its environment by committing itself to sustainable management of forests.

The PEFC certification covers 5 million hectares in France or nearly 30% of the national forest area.

52000 forest owners and 2600 companies in the timber sector are members of the label and recommended by the European Commission.

ISO 9001

This standard establishes the requirements for the quality management system.It allows us to gain efficiency and increase the satisfaction of our customers

ISO 14001

Sensitive to environmental concerns, we are continuously improving our performance towards the environment by controlling the impacts associated with our business

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